our team

Matthias klebinger

Matthias (CEO) came into the travel business in 1999 and founded his own company in 2000. Since then he has organized incentive travel, events and meetings all over the world. Born and raised in Germany, Matthias has travelled extensively around his home country and -Europe in general, of course.


markus       stuhr

Markus (CEO) was working for a big and successful German hotel chain when he decided to found his own company in 2002.

Its strength are active individual programs and creative ideas in planning. after working with many groups in Europe, he knows most of the hidden spots.

the best          team

Our colleagues in two offices (located in Aalen, - Germany and Roth, -Germany) are eager to serve our guests all over the world.

Two more offices in Berlin and Mallorca (Spain), as well as a whole number of partners and co-workers all over europe help us meet our clients´ needs and fulfill their wishes.